Achieve a Flawless Look With YSL Foundation

Achieve a Flawless Look With YSL Foundation: Truth Unfold


We all have our favorite makeup brands- girls, most likely, are so particular in their facial regimes and makeup products. Simple choosing one that they ‘like’ isn’t enough. They go for that one brand that works and is effective, no matter how pricey or cheaper it gets.

Truth be told, girls are the best in makeup. At least some are really particular in choosing which one works really amazing in their skin. Well this is because human skin differs- some may be sensitive, too dry, too oily and so oily. So having an ideal foundation that will work is a real deal.

Since there are undeniably a lot of foundation brands you can find today, while most of them are incredibly good but not all of them are right for you. Not all they might also have the right shades for you. Not all of them may also work best for your type of skin.

For today’s blog, let’s get particular with your foundation brand. Here are four reasons why most girls say you can achieve radiance and flawless look with YSL foundation.

Reasons Why YSL Foundation is the Best

YSL or Yves Saint Laurent is a renowned brand all over the parts of US, and even in Southeast Asia and of the world. It is basically known for it is one of the most luxurious brands you can find in today’s market. Say it, everyone is using it- including your favorite celebrities and online influencers and even aspiring stars.

Ultimately, no one can deny how YSL had captured everyone’s heart when it comes to skin care and make up regimes. Aside from that there are a lot of reasons too why you can achieve radiance and flawless look with YSL foundation. Here are a few.

It stays longer

Girls settle for a certain foundation brand when it lasts longer in their skin. I mean why settle for a ridiculously expensive foundation if it does not even stay longer on the skin? Well, say no more, YSL likely sorted it out for you- especially when their foundations stay on the skin all day long.

Achieve a Flawless Look With YSL Foundation

Covers all bases

Girls have skin insecurities- acnes, black spots, uneven skin tones and a lot more. Finding the right foundation that can cover all the base of their face is a must. YSL is the perfect answer to it. Their foundation formula is definitely promising in covering all the bases and flaws in your faces, making your face radiant and flawless as ever.

Their foundation goes the distance

YSL’s foundation comes in a stick form, which means it is also ideal for those girls who are always on the go. If you travel so much, or you goes to work so early and you wanted to do your makeup on the car then having a YSL foundation stick is the perfect makeup tool for you. Imagine that you can still achieve radiance and flawless look with YSL foundation even if you are on the go.

The packaging is promising

We love packaging so much. If you are buying a luxurious makeup brand like YSL, then it is also best to make sure that its packaging also speaks luxury itself. But  that’s not the main reason at all, but it is because the higher the quality the more it can protect the product from humidity and room temperature that may ruin its quality.