Discover The Basic Baby Needs And Why Your Baby Cries
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Discover The Basic Baby Needs And Why Your Baby Cries


Babies cry for a reason. They are not only asking for attention. You have to understand the underlying problems or issues why the baby will not stop crying. There are plenty of suggestions on how to stop the baby from crying. However, it is very important that you know why it happens.

For first time mommies, hearing a baby cry does not always mean that they are hungry. Lucky for women who have a guide when it comes to newborn babies. But for those who are new to this and feels like they do not understand why their little ones won’t stop crying, this article is for you.

The Newborn Baby Basics

Newborn babies have their own basic needs. These are different from the ones that we buy for toddlers. These items are special and will be needed most of the time. It does not necessarily mean that you need to buy everything in bulk. A few pieces of these basic needs will do.

newborn baby boy

  • Clothing. Onesies, sleepers, baby socks, and newborn hats.
  • Diapers and Baby Bath Items. Disposable diapers or cloth diapers, disposable wipes, waterproof pads for nappy changes, and baby washcloths. You will also need hooded towels, baby wash, baby bath tub, nail clippers and thermometer.
  • Sleep Items. Crib or cradle, crib mattress, fitted sheets, waterproof crib cover, blankets, heavy blankets for colder months.
  • Feeding Supplies. Burp cloths, feeding bottles if the mommy is not breastfeeding, a bottle brush and breastfeeding pillow if needed.
  • Special Gears. Car seat when you want to travel with the baby.

The Different Newborn Cries 

Babies cry a lot. Whether you have a newborn baby boy or a baby girl, they will cry most of the time. You should be observant enough to differentiate the different sounds that they make. Remember that babies cry because they need something. So here are the different baby cries that you should know of.

  • “Neh!” – This “neh” sound is a way where your baby tells you that he is hungry.
  • “Owh!” – This is a sound produced by their yawn reflex. This means that your baby is sleepy.
  • “Heh!” – This is the sound that a newborn makes when they are in pain or feeling discomfort. This is also the same sound that they make when they are uncomfortable, they feel cold or itchy, or maybe they need a change of diaper.
  • “Eair!” – This sound means “lower gas’. The baby makes this sound coupled with a pulling movement of his knees or pushing it down and out. Take note of the baby’s expression and body movement.
  • “Eh, ehhhh!” – This time, the baby needs to burp. Always listen to the beginning sound to make sure that you are not mishearing it.

Even babies at this age already try to communicate with the adults who are taking care of them. Do not just listen to the hysterical cries. When these are not met or resolves, the hysterical cries will follow. It is important to listen and understand what your newborn needs. Do not panic or get easily impatient when they will not stop crying. This only means that they need something else.