Dress to impress: Colors that you should wear to work to look professional


Whether you admit it or not, the way you look plays a vital role in your success in the professional life. Managers in modern workplaces often translate the overall appearance of an employee to his or her performance. Even if they don’t do it deliberately, the subconscious mind does its job.

People who don’t fit in are not accepted wholeheartedly in the workplace. This is why one should learn the rules of appearance and start wearing professional looking outfits at work.

If you find yourself standing in front of your wardrobe and wondering what to wear to exude confidence and power, then this article should be of great help. Today, we are going to discuss some ways in which colors can help you narrow down the choice when it comes to picking a professional looking outfit.

Research shows that colors have a great effect on our mood and also on the way other people respond to us. That’s right! Color can change our breathing pattern, heart rate,and blood pressure.

With that in mind, here’s a guide that can help you dress to impress in the workplace. Wear these colors and hues to look sharp and confident:

1- Black

Who doesn’t love to wear a classic black suit to work? It conveys feelings of seriousness and confidence. The added factor of mystery can do wonders for job interviews and meetings. Plus, black has a thinning effect and makes you look five to ten pounds thinner immediately. So, if you want to look professional and commanding at the workplace, we recommend you wearing a typical black suit with a hint of green or blue hues. Add a printed tie or accessorize with a leather men satchel bags for a pop of color.

2- Green

Keep in mind that by talking about green, we don’t mean a bright parrot or neon shade of green. A rich hue of green flatters all complexions and denotes harmony and freshness, just like mother nature. If your job involves spending hours in front of the computer screen everyday, then we suggest you wear a nice shade of green to work that is restful on the eyes and doesn’t cause a lot of eyestrain.

3- Blue

Blue is a great color to wear to a job interview. It represents truth and authority- both characteristics that you would like to associate with yourself especially in a new place. Choose a traditional blue button-down shirt and wear it with a dark gray suit to soften the overall look. Don’thesitate to add a splash of color with a bold red tie to exude confidence.

4- Brown

Brown is another neutral color that represents stability and masculinity. Plus, a brown piece goes with almost everything else you own. Brown trousers are a safe choice for men and if you are a woman working in a predominantly male environment, wearing a brown suit can bring instant credibility. Brown is a safe color to wear in job interviews as it evokes the feeling of calm and serenity.

5- White

A workplace wardrobe cannot be complete without the crisp and clean white button shirt. White represents truth and simplicity which are great characteristics to be associated with. But stay away from a lot of white as it can make you look washed out. Add a touch of brightness to your look without being too overwhelming. A patterned tie or a coloredleather jacket can do a good job in tieing the whole look together.


Keep in mind that colors have the power to affect our mood,but they aren’t the only thing that impacts our professional relationship. Your confidence and skill always come first,and we assure that you can still be loved at work even if you wear a bright yellow suit one day!

However, the safe way is to pick a color that enhances your personality and doesn’t work against you.

Do you have some color suggestions that can help one look professional at the workplace?

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