The ultimate makeup application guideline according to a makeup artist


Makeups are a unique rocking tool for different kinds of occasions and events if they are considerably and systematically applied. The urban decay Malaysia presents the most satisfying makeup line-up for an eye that rocks any make up expression for any occasion. The brow game can be perfected using some special and very essential brow tamers, brow makeups, brow box and a brow beater which are readily available in the eyeshadow makeup urban decay Malaysia. These brow tools can easily be accessed online by anyone who is ready to rock it all.

The formula for the perfect eyeshadow makeup

Any perfect and appealing eyeshadow preparation starts with a fabulous eyeshadow primer portion. This preparation ensures smooth and soft application of the shadows perfecting the skin surface and also prepping the lids for shadows lasting for whole 24 hours. There is a variety of the eyeshadow primer portion like the blendable eyeshadow, velvety, and eyeshadow palettes which already available addition, there are also the single eyeshadows, the all-time cult favorite naked palettes, the creamy, long-lasting eye pencil and the waterproof. For complete complexion, a blacker-than-black mascara is also necessary. A range of UD pro brushes is also available on online making it easier for the eyeshadow makeup application.

Step to step makeup guideline

There basically simple and easy to follow procedures for a perfect makeup application to give the best and fulfilling results. They include the following:

Moisturizing the skin

The skin must first of all be moisturized and smooth for a nice base for the makeup

Applying the primer

The urban decay Malaysia offers a suitable and mostly recommend primers as well as the Armani and the Smashbox. But a good sunscreen primer like the Clarins and the Bioderma during daytime serves best.

Applying the foundation.

The best foundations can be purchased in department stores, drug stores, Mac or even the Sephora. It’s also wise to inquire from the sellers about the best match of specific foundations for specific skin colors. Fingers are the best to cautiously apply enough of the foundation without overdoing it.

The Concealer coverage

A concealer is hereby used to cover the hard to cover parts like the pimples, acne or even the hyperpigmentation

Doing now the eyes

In this, a small brush or fingers can be used to spread the eyeshadow across the eyelids. For eyeliner application, a liquid liner is used with a steady hand which sweeps the applicator across the eyelid closing the lash line.

A pencil eyeliner can also be used to rim the lids from inside and for best results using black on the inner rims or even white for that wide-eyed effect is recommended. Use mascara for perfect eye makeup finishing touch.

Working on the cheeks

A brush is applied on the apples of the cheeks spreading outward toward the hairline using a mid-sized brush.

Applying the lip color.

The outer edges are cleaned to avoid feathering as well as ensuring that the teeth have no lipstick.

The final touches. 

Different professionals include many other additional for their perfect makeup complexion. Thus using a highlight along the eyebrow bone below the eyebrows gives a perfect look. Again, a lowlight can be used on the sides of the nose under the apples of the cheeks and the temples to rock it all to the best.