Which Is the Best French Press Coffee Maker to Buy
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Which Is the Best French Press Coffee Maker to Buy?


French press brewing technique lets you turn coffee and tea grounds into the perfect brew within the shortest time possible. Since it involves the swirling of coffee grounds in boiling water and plunging of the brew into a mug, the technique is super-efficient and simple. There is a myriad of time-tested and proven coffee presses in the market today. These coffee presses aren’t created equal though. These are the unique features and qualities of the best French Press coffee maker to buy.

Glass French Features

Glass featured French presses like Cafe Du Chateau’s coffee press have strong glass carafes. Glass carafes are the transparent sections in the French press that allows easy visibility to the coffee brew. Regardless of the glass carafe materials’ thickness, these sections are quite fragile. That’s why it is strongly advised you get a French press with a carafe made of thick borosilicate glass as it will be strong enough and resilient to thermal shock. Evaluate the sturdiness of the base and braces also.

Stainless Steel Body Design

Most coffee presses include a stainless steel double-walled design. Double stainless steel walls on French Press coffee maker house the heat inside the unit to improve the brewing process.  The ratio of nickel to chromium used in the creation of different stainless steel materials differ. Based on expert recommendations, it would be great you opt for coffee presses that are constructed of stainless steel materials with a nickel to chromium ratio of 18/8 and 18/10. Coffee presses created with 304-grade stainless steel materials are more resistant to rust so they would serve you for more years.

French press coffee maker

Maximum Capacity

French presses are size specific. Some units are bigger enough to brew up to 8 cups at once while others can only brew a maximum of 2 cups at once.  Bigger French press coffee makers are always the best as they allow you to brew as many cups as you desire.  With large French presses, you can brew a whole family’s coffee at once which minimizes time wastage and increases enjoyment.

The Handle and Plunger Design

A French press coffee maker’s handle lets you maneuver the carafe to keep it steady while the plunger separates the grounds from the brew.  The handle also aids in delivering the brew into the mug.  Most of the modern coffee makers include multiple-screened plungers that have potent enough to efficiently separate the coffee from the ground. More advanced coffee makers have basket designs that allow for easy handling. Choose a good French press coffee maker with a heat resistant, durable, and strong handle and plunger for efficient brewing experience.

The 8-cup, 304-grade stainless steel, 4-level filtration system French press coffee maker by Cafe Du Chateau is affordable, reliable, and efficient. It gets your coffee and tea grounds brewed in no time. It is ideal for professional and household use as it gets your coffee brewed on the go. Provided with a simple and easy to understand user manual, this French press is what you need to eliminate stress from your everyday coffee brewing experience.  You don’t need to have had a past experience using a French press as Cafe Fu Chateau’s French press has the most user-friendly design ever.